Manpasand Ladke Se Shadi Ka Amal

Manpasand Ladke Se Shadi Ka Amal

There are many such yoga in the horoscope, which can cause any man or woman to be deprived of the joy of marriage …. Sometimes these interruptions also come due to external obstacles. Age increases ever and even after lakhs of attempts, relationships can not be formed or the desire for relationships becomes like auspicious, if there is such a situation, it is wise to take immediate steps for marriage. Manpasand Ladke Se Shadi Ka Amal By doing these solutions, the path of early marriage becomes And all the obstacles in marriage are far away. Here we are telling 30 very easy but accurate solutions to those who will be able to get the desired benefit of both the bride and the groom, with the true heart.

Manpasand Ladke Se Shadi Ka Wazifa

1. On Monday, donate 1200 grams of gram dal and 14 liters of raw milk for quick marriage. This experiment is to continue till the marriage is done.

2. The boys who are not married or are delayed in the love marriage, they should chant 108 times this mantra for a favorite wedding. Lord Krishna’s mantra for quick marriage.

3. If the girl goes to the marriage of a girl and if the bride is looking for a bride, then the unmarried girl should take some of her hand from the bride’s hand and the way of marriage is expedited.

4. Come home to the wedding talk, sit down the guests in such a way that their face is inwardly in the house, they can not see the door.

5. The contents of iron items or junk goods should never be kept under the bed on which the young married woman is sleeping.

6. If you want to get married before the wedding, then they sit in such a way that their face should not be on the south side.

7. Give the girl a white rabbit and give her some food as her food.

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