Prem Vivah Karne Ke Upay Or Mantra

Prem Vivah Karne Ke Upay Or Mantra – If you want to get married, but for some reason your marriage is not being married, then you can get lots of work from the arrangements / spells of love marriage given here. Chant this mantra in front of the photo of Lord Vishnu and Mother dhan Prem Vivah Karne Ke Upay Or Mantra on Thursday in Wazifa for love marriage. The mantra is as follows. allah ka naam le Chant the chanting of this mantra everyday. While doing so, pray for the success of love marriage.Prem Vivah Karne Ke Upay Or Mantra By using this experiment for 3 consecutive months, you will get very good results.

Prem Vivah Karne Ke Upay Or Mantra

It is also very effective to keep a fast on Thursday by the daughter for love marriage. Wazifa and Dua to prove the girl to prove her love marriage will get the desired result quickly. The boys who want to get married to a girl of their choice should wear American Jurcon or diamond.

If the girl wants to be successful in love marriage, then she should wear yellow clothes on a young child on Thursday. Similarly, the boy should donate white clothes on a small girl on Friday.

These measures are fairly simple but effective in the marriage arrangement . In this experiment, you have to make a picture of a woman or man of choice on white paper . Men should photograph the women with many different colors and make women skin red from the red color . For such a love marriage, make trips continuously for three months. Many times, even after trying a million, the girl does not get married or the obstacles arise between the love marriage . In such a way, make love marriage arrangements. Prem Vivah Karne Ke Upay Or Mantra If this measure is done with complete devotion, you will not be late for getting results.


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